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Accidental Love (Blu-ray)
I think it was the record scratch.

I hadn't enjoyed so much as a minute of Accidental Love leading up to it, but that dragged needle skkkrrrcccczzzkkkk -- the bellweather of hack comedy -- punctuating a "wait, what?!" in a hallway conversation was when I realized I was indeed waist-deep in the seventh circle of cinematic hell. Before suffering through this cobbled-together resurrection of a third-trimester abortion, I assumed that David O. Russell abandoned what was once titled Nailed out of some artistic temperment. The film was, after all, plagued with financial difficulties, stopping and starting over and over and over and over. There was little doubt in my mind that the growing army of producers and financiers were preventing Russell from seeing his vision through, two years of stop-and-go production can't help but stomp on anything resembling momentum or creative enthusiasm, and...well, this was supposed to be his follow-up to I Heart Huckabees, and again, artistic temperment. Escaping into theaters some eight years after its cameras first started rolling, Accidental Love is not a film worthy of romanticizing or wondering "what if...?". If Russell had perservered and seen the project through to completion, it still would've been awful. Less awful, I'm sure -- no record scratch, a more inspired score, editing with something resembling comedic timing -- but awful just the same.

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Most any review of Accidental Love you're likely to read focuses on the chaos on the other side of the curtain because, well, that's so much more interesting than the film itself. Think Mr. Smith Goes to Washington by way of Tracy/Hepburn slapstick, then filter it through one of those PSA comic books where Spider-Man dukes it out with a guy who has cigarette powers, and you're somewhere...[read the entire Blu-ray review of Accidental Love]

From a Whisper to a Scream (Blu-ray)
Forget it, Beth; it's Oldfield. As sleepy as this little Tennessean town may look at first glance, the blood-spattered pages of its history books chronicle an evil that's endured for more than a century. Why would town historian Julian White (Vincent Price) bother to attend his daughter's execution? Of course she's guilty, the same as the countless others before her corrupted by the malevolence of Oldfield. Beth Chandler (Susan Tyrrell, playing against type) doesn't get it, so White gives the reporter a primer into Oldfield's dark, demented history with four of its most nightmarish stories.

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I have an insatiable hunger for horror anthologies, despite the fact that so many of them have segments that march in lockstep with the same familiar structure: (1) quickly establish the characters and the general scenario, (2) torture and torment everyone unfortunate enough to be in front of the camera, culminating in (3) some sort of grisly twist or denouement. Anthologies often immediately showcase what the horror at hand is: say, the murderous Santa Claus stalking Joan Collins in the original Tales from the Crypt, E.G. Marshall's violent revulsion of all things unclean in Creepshow, or the hellspawned cat in Tales from the Darkside: The Movie. From a Whisper to a Scream takes an entirely different approach, one that fascinates me as a viewer and frustrates me as a reviewer. This anthology thrusts the audience into four strange, disturbing tales while clutching its most horrific cards close to its chest. An essential element of each of these journeys is not knowing what the hell is going on -- an unease often shared by its central characters -- and the more of the plot that gradually comes to light, the darker and bleaker the stories become. From a Whisper to a...[read the entire Blu-ray review of From a Whisper to a Scream]

Ghoulies / Ghoulies II (Blu-ray)
I was all of six years old when Ghoulies first stormed into theaters, and, yeah, it took a while for me to look at a toilet again the same way. Its legendary marketing campaign was forever seared into the brains of kids the world over, and if you never got around to facing your fears, Scream Factory is giving you another shot with this ghoulish double feature.

Ghoulies (1985)
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Ghoulies (1985)
It's like something off a motivational poster: no matter how far apart they may find themselves, a father and son can always reconnect. I mean, even if Daddy Dearest (Michael Des Barres) was a supernaturally-fueled devil worshipper who was aching to sacrifice his newborn child, and even if that satanic son of a bitch is rotting six feet under, it's never too late for a second chance. It takes a couple decades, sure, but he reaches out from beyond the grave to his now all-too-adult son (Peter Liapis). Jonathan and his girlfriend Rebecca (Lisa Pelikan) move into the decaying mansion he's...[read the entire Blu-ray review of Ghoulies / Ghoulies II]

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  • 3/17: House of Wax (2005) (DVD)
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