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She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (Blu-ray)
Custer is dead.

Many tribes have traveled great distances to band together for war.

Fort Starke makes for a hell of a target.

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Under different circumstances, perhaps Captain Nathan Brittles (John Wayne) would have had to lead the cavalrymen under his command into a hellish, prolonged battle against these warriors. That's not in the cards, however, as only six days remain until the aging captain is being forced to retire. A few days would be more than enough time for Brittles, under protest, and his men to shepherd his commander's wife (Mildred Natwick) and niece (Joanne Dru) to the safety of a stagecoach post. Through perseverance and careful observations of the threats that lay ahead, the U.S. Cavalry does indeed safely get these two women to the post. If only the same could be said about the post itself, as it has already been razed to the ground by Indian warriors. After returning to Fort Starke, the impossibility of this situation weighs heavily on Brittles. He could defy the Cavalry, lead into battle these many men who admire and respect him, and square off against the united tribal forces for however many months it takes. Major Allshard (George O'Brien) reminds the captain that the reason Brittles is the leader he is today is because more seasoned, experienced men stepped aside so he'd have the opportunity to be tested in battle. If Brittles were to gallop into the battlefield, he would even through victory be doing his men a disservice. Brittles agrees to respect the Cavalry's decision to put him out to pasture, but a few hours remain of his command, and he's determined to make the most of every last second.

In contrast to the imagery and emotions its title may evoke, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon is largely John Ford defining what it is to be a man. ...[read the entire Blu-ray review of She Wore a Yellow Ribbon]

Invisible Invaders (Blu-ray)
"The dead will kill the living, and the people of Earth will cease to exist."

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...and mankind will never see it coming. Get it? Because the invaders are invisible? That's the idea, anyway. As barren a rock as you may think the moon is, it's home to a race of conquerors that cannot be perceived by any biological or technological means the world over. For untold millenia, they paid our planet little mind, but that all changes as we rocket towards the space age. This otherworldly force intends on snuffing us out before we can advance any further...that is, unless the entirety of Earth surrenders in the next 24 hours. Dr. Adam Penner (Philip Tonge) is tasked with relaying that ultimatum, although...well:

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The laughter doesn't last. These sinister, unseen entities reanimate the corpses of the recently dead, wearing their bodies like meat-suits to directly deliver warnings to the world at large. Their invisible spacecraft level sprawling metropolises to the ground, wreaking untold havoc and ravaging millions of lives in the process. All hope is not yet lost, though. Dr. Penner is joined by his daughter Phyllis (Jean Byron), family friend Dr. John Lamont (Robert Hutton), and Major Bruce Jay (John Agar) in a well-stocked, secure military bunker. The four of them try desperately to find some way to fend off this army of the walking dead and their invisible arsenal, but how can you kill what no longer lives? How can you stop that which cannot be seen?

If you shrug off the reams of stock footage, the closest you get to sci-fi spectacle in the first twenty minutes of Invisible Invaders is a few mounds of dirt being pushed around. Shot for a song in just six days, there wasn't time or money for...well, much of anything, really, so don't...[read the entire Blu-ray review of Invisible Invaders]

Pride + Prejudice + Zombies (Blu-ray)
::needle-drop to some stuffy classical piece::

Welcome, gentle reader, to volume 16, issue 5 of the DVD Talk Literary Journal. Joining us today is Maggie Tuten Tyner, destination editor of USA TODAY 10Best as well as upstate South Carolina's foremost Misterdarcyologist. My name is Adam Tyner, and I've devoured more movies with "dead" or "zombie" in their titles than you have. Today's roundtable -- or, well, whatever you call it if there are only two people -- focuses on the recent film adaptation of Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Let's begin, shall we?

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Adam Tyner: So, Pride + Prejudice + Zombies: the math checks out! I thought that this genre mash-up would use the original Austen novel as a springboard to something completely different, but it's more faithful than I ever would've guessed much of the way through. The original novel and plus-zombies alike both revolve around the Bennets, a family with a grand estate and some degree of wealth. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet (Charles Dance and Sally Phillips) have no male heirs, and with the laws of primogeniture in those days, their five daughters stand to inherit little or nothing. To continue living comfortably, they must marry and marry well. In one corner is the dashing and impossibly wealthy Mr. Bingley (Douglas Booth). In the other is the aloof, unyielding, and even more impossibly wealthy Colonel Darcy (Sam Riley). The attraction is mutual between Mr. Bingley and the eldest Bennet daughter, Jane (Bella Heathcote). Meanwhile, the...errr, revulsion is mutual between Col. Darcy and Elizabeth (Lily James). As desperate as Mrs. Bennet is for her daughters to marry into a certain station,...[read the entire Blu-ray review of Pride + Prejudice + Zombies]

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