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Christmas in July (Blu-ray)

"If you don't sleep at night, it isn't the coffee – it's the bunk."

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Forget that musty old tagline on the Maxford House Coffee building; they just haven't gotten around to replacing it with the slogan that Jimmy (Murder, My Sweet's Dick Powell) dreamed up. You get it, right? C'mon, it's a play on words! It's a well-known scientific fact that coffee helps you sleep – or, at least, that's the latest medical report from Austria – so if you're having trouble dozing off, don't blame Maxford House. So, yeah, it isn't the coffee; it's the bunk! It's a cinch for the coffee mogul's $25,000 slogan contest. (And that's in 1940 dollars, so think somewhere in the neighborhood of a half million these days.) Just imagine! He and Betty (Ellen Drew) can finally get hitched. They can at long last afford their dream home. And hey, there'll even be enough to get Ma (Georgia Caine) that snazzy davenport sofa she's been asking about for years. Okay, okay, there's the small matter of the several million other entrants vying for the same prize, but Jimmy has had such a string of bad luck at these sorts of contests that surely his time has come.

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And, as far as he knows, it has! A few of his co-workers at a competing coffee company decide to poke fun at Jimmy's daydreaming, gluing together a fake telegram declaring him the winner. The whole thing spirals out of control too quickly for Tom, Dick, and Harry (zing!) to come clean about their prank. When Jimmy goes to collect his check, it comes as news to Dr. Maxford (Raymond Walburn) that the deadlocked jurors have finally crowned a winner. But he just assumes he's as out of the loop as ever, forking over a check for twenty-five large without too much fuss.

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Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans (Blu-ray)

Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans Go!

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Wait, that's not it.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (Ultra HD Blu-ray)

Diana (Rosario Dawson) can relate. Like young Vanessa (Marie Avgeropoulos), she knows what it's like to live under a mother who years ago had mapped out a rigid plan for her future. She can sympathize with having her own ideas dismissed and her achievements going unnoticed. But where Diana's defiance led her to become a champion – to be become Wonder Woman – Vanessa's sent her down a darker path.

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And after her mother (Nia Vardalos) is fatally caught in the crossfire – trying in vain to disentangle Vanessa from a heist certain to destroy her future – she allows herself to be transformed into Silver Swan. Now she counts herself among the members of Villiany, Inc., alongside Doctor Poison, Giganta, the Cheetah, Doctor Cyber, and...well, there's more, but that'd be telling. Vanessa doesn't know it and wouldn't accept it besides, but she's in desperate need of Diana's help. The only way to save what's left of her friend's humanity requires Diana to return to the home she'd left behind years earlier, and that might be precisely what Villainy, Inc. wants her to do.

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Conceptually, I love what Bloodlines sets out to accomplish. I appreciate the dark symmetry between Diana and Vanessa. The construction of the story sends it full circle; just as it must open in Themiscyra, so too must it end there. Aside from Steve Trevor (Jeffrey Donovan) – and a minotaur, if you're picking nits – every character of consequence in the film is female. There's something to be said that the storytelling is propelled more by character arcs – by compassion, even – rather than a huge, apocalyptic threat with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. And hey! It's New 52 Etta Candy (Adrienne Moore) playing tech support, and...[read the entire Ultra HD Blu-ray review of Wonder Woman: Bloodlines]

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